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Deer Hunting : How to Hunt Deer with WildGuarder Watcher1-4G

A good preparation is half done. No matter you are a novice or having years of hunting experience, you should have known that there is certainly a knack of deer hunting games.

Hunting License and certification

It is not allowed for anyone who just hold a rifle, find a wood and hit the trail. If you are planning a hunting trip. First of all, you must get a hunting license and pass the safety certification based on the requirements of the state you are ready to go.
Signing up for a hunter safety course on the state’s Department of Natural Resources website and get certified. As long as you get the license, be sure to take it along with you while you are out on a hunting trip.
It is particularly noteworthy that different regions in one state may have different regulations, let alone in different states. You have to know the region you’re heading for.

Plan Your Hunts

Making a hunting checking list, including binoculars, GPS, compass, trail camera, gun, boots, socks, caps, gloves, backpack, first aid kit and other gears. All of these stuffs are provided on Amazon, you can search these items and choose a preferable one. If you are looking for a good quality trail camera, you can’t miss WildGuarder trail camera. WildGuarder camera is derived from a manufactory enterprise with a long history and reliable quality. Outdoor conditions are always very extreme, to deal with which WildGuarder trail camera is waterproof with IP 66 and supports to work in operating temperature from -25°C to 60°C. What’s more, the WildGuarder Trail Camera Watcher1-4G records 1080p HD videos with sound and takes 20MP high quality images for you, and you cannot miss a single action with its 0.35s super fast trigger speed.
For your information, please make sure all the batteries are fresh. To achieve a safe and successful hunt, you need make a hunt plan with gun, ammo, first aid kit, appropriate clothing and good sense…

Setting Up Your Stand

As we all know, the elevated position of a tree stand can provide great sight, while someone may believe a ground stand will be more comfortable and can provide better shelter for hunters. Actually it doesn’t matter where your stand is, all you should to concern is to make sure that it is well concealed, you can get in and out quietly.
For setting up the WildGuarder trail camera, it requires more time to choose a suitable position to locate the camera, maybe you need to test in different position and angles for several times and finally mount the camera.

Sight in Rifle

Safety comes first!
Deer hunting game is a marathon, but not a sprint. You need to be relax and patient. For a new deer hunter, maybe you will take at least 3 shots at each target.
Be familiar with your rifle, and take time to check the shooting range ahead of the hunting season opening day.

Bring Your Catch Home

Packing your stuffs and know what parts of the preys are allowed to be taken, since this rule might be different in different states.
Besides, it is advisable for you to do some cleaning with water or even alcohol products.

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